Risk Managment

CHRONOFUND model is built to protect your asset and minimize the risks. Here is a study of cases that have occurred in our experience of watch resale and how we manage them.
Most common cases
of resale outcomes and their frequency
Successful resale
We find the right buyer and the watch is resold according to the agreement. You get the profit!
Actual profit
is lower/higher
The actual premium at which we sell your watch differs from the one in the agreement. It changes nothing for you - you get the profit set in the contract anyway!
The buyer
not found
The buyer for your watch is not found within the deadline. The further case development depends on you - see options below!
Your safe options in case the watch is not resold:
Prolong the deadline
Agree to continue the resale based on the updated agreement terms.
Collect the watch
Collect your watch use at any moment in our office or have it delivered to you.
Return the money
We buy the watch back from you at the same price as you initially bought it for.
Minimal risk
Maximal care

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