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Learn more about our partner's experience of working with us and don't forget to share yours. In CHRONOFUND we offer a high-quality service and adjust to the requests of each of our partners individually. Your goals are our priority!
I love working with Ineichen Zurich, they help me to make money on reselling watches while I'm busy with moving to new places and managing the company
Olga, partner for 3 years
Olga, Israel
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Getting 440 euros profit on doing almost nothing seemed great to me. I love that now I see how to use my passion for watches in a more pragmatic way
Hugo, partner for 2 years
Hugo, Spain
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Ineichen's expert told me they could sell it in 9 months and my profit would be 7,7%. Have you seen such a return anywhere else? Me neither, so I thought it can't be true but still trusted them and bought the watch
Aimé, partner for 5 years
Aimé, France
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Elena, Russia
Bastian, Netherlands
Vincenzo, Italy
Alex, USA
Jameela, Egypt
Dirk, Germany
Aiko, Japan

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